Write any three measures to conserve ecosystem diversity

China has replanted 30 million hectares with trees—an area more than double that established for fuelwood and tree plantations in all other developing countries.

3 ways to conserve ecosystem

Eradicate and control introduced weeds on your property. Protecting biodiversity, then, also protects human interests. Money certainly is not the solution to all this. Second edition, revised. The wild areas serve as a reference point for how the environment of a given area should function. For example, most developing countries with large mature forests have failed to adopt revenue systems that come close to capturing real timber values for the public treasury. Chemicals that enter the sewer system can contaminate freshwater and ocean ecosystems. Other policies relating to transmigration and cattle ranching often result in major habitat disruption.

Sector Paper on Forestry and Forest Industry. Rubinoff, I.

write any three measures to conserve ecosystem diversity

This annual amount is times the 5-year amount needed to carry out the Tropical Forestry Action Plan. Restoring a habitat provides the foundation for biodiversity.

Three measures to protect wildlife

Learn about low emission vehicle research and availability. Yet population growth cancels many of the gains in production. What we end up with at the beginning of the twenty-first century and beyond depends on the changes we make today. Human life is affected, too. Protecting biodiversity, then, also protects human interests. But without much more money, much of it in the form of development assistance, we are simply not going to conserve and manage the biological diversity we are all talking about. Ecosystem Theory and Application. Until they can get enough forest products to meet their daily needs, absolutely nothing will stop them from moving further into the forests. Some domestic animals, especially cats, are predators of wild animals and can devastate local population of native species. World Bank. Recycle, reuse and reduce. In this way they can work with the government to conserve major areas of tropical forest while continuing to maintain their livelihood.

Some of the more innovative agricultural technologies should be tried on a large scale. Deep pockets for doing good.

conservation of ecosystem diversity

Clarendon Press, Oxford. Volunteer at an organization that focuses on conservation or restoration of habitat.

explain any three methods of conservation of mineral resources in india

Research Priorities in Tropical Biology.

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11 Things You Can Do To Protect Biodiversity