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We do not use these words right now, so we can see that this poem was set long ago. De la Mare preferred to be known as 'Jack' by his family and friends as he disliked the name Walter. The increasing intrusions of the external world upon the mind, however, frighten the childlike imagination, which "retires like a shocked snail into its shell".

A mysterious man is knocking on the door only dimly lit by the moon. It helps you to understand where the person is at and what state of mind they are in. To whom was it made?

Whereas Ozymandias gives a clear message of the ephemeral nature of the effects of power and pride. His horse is silently feeding on the grasses and ferns that cloak the forest floor. This consolation provided by him is the mark of his failure.

Because the word "forest" is used at the beginning of a poem.

poetic devices in the poem the listeners

He spent his final year mostly bed-ridden, being cared for by a nurse whom he loved but never had a physical relationship with. At first glance, the purpose may seem non-existent.

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'The Listeners' Analysis