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Psychological effects of music on the brain

Recruitment Researchers, in conjunction with the third sector partner organization providing the intervention, will seek suitable venues across East Kent for song clubs to take place. Further, many studies use subjects as their own controls, rather than incorporating a control or comparison group, which would further enhance scientific rigour. Discussion The aim of this study is to evaluate the effect of group singing on the health related quality of life in older people. The costs of providing singing groups will be based on information gathered regarding participant contacts all intervention contacts the participants receive, including the time and resources used to deliver the song groups which the participants attended throughout the study. This would mean we would require a total of potential participants, 24 in each singing group and control group over the course of the study. Greenstreet W, editor. Primary outcome The primary outcome measure will be self-assessed health related quality of life assessed using the York SF [ 23 ]. Trained and experienced facilitators under the guidance of SFYL will meet to compile a twelve week 90 minute programme comprising songs from different eras and a variety of genres. Secondary outcomes will be analysed in a similar manner.

This is a frequently used measure that has been validated for use with older people and for which population norms exist. Of these reports, 18 were excluded from consideration as being of limited interest.

Euroqol - a new facility for the measurement of health-related quality of life. Individuals who would attend together if allocated to a singing group e. This would mean we would require a total of potential participants, 24 in each singing group and control group over the course of the study.

negative effects of music on the brain

To assess the effectiveness for older people of active engagement in community music activities on measures of physical and mental health.

Singing also enhanced short-term and working memory and caregiver well-being, whereas music listening had a positive effect on quality of life. Learn more.

Learning foreign language through music

There is growing recognition of the value of arts activities in improving the lives of older people [ 13 - 16 ], and particularly the value of live music and musical participation for older people [ 17 ], including those affected by Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia [ 18 , 19 ]. This inflates the required sample size by a factor of 1. Participants will be adults over 60 years of age, able to speak English and able both to provide informed consent and to complete questionnaires. The primary outcome measure, the SF, will be analysed at 6 months using analysis of covariance to adjust for baseline differences between the groups. A Prospectus for Arts and Health. Conclusions This study is, we believe, the first to investigate the health benefits of singing for older people based on a stringent randomised controlled trial design which includes a cost-effectiveness evaluation. Data were collected on six of the clubs through observation of sessions, focus groups with volunteers and interviews with club facilitators and participants, venue managers and SFYL directors and facilitators. International Psychogeriatrics. Trial Registration ISRCTN Background The growth of the older population in the UK is substantial and the social care and health needs of older people represent a considerable cost to health and social care services [ 1 ]. The EQ-5D will be used with population values and the quality adjusted life year QALY change calculated using the area under the curve method. This study proposes to advance knowledge through a number of mechanisms, including: the use of a scientifically rigorous methodological design, use of a power calculation to estimate sample size, a standardized intervention which can be replicated, the assessment of cost-effectiveness of the intervention and single-blind analysis. Potential participants will be volunteers over 60 years living in the community and recruited through publicity. Music can bring emotional and physical closeness.
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