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As it has been already told, the most relevant are any kinds of statistics, the opinions of well-known experts, books, specialized journals and newspapers.

Matt Richtel, Author of "Texting and Driving. Mostly all persuasive essay examples texting while driving will include quotations.

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Because of the high number of accidents among teens, studies show that raising the driving age will reduce teen accidents. Forty-one of the fifty states have laws banning texting while driving for some or all drivers Insurance Institute for High way Safety The problem is that numerous people tend to do so at bad times. As a result of the great technological progress, people can't make a step without smartphones. The driver of the vehicle receives a text message. The brain has to focus in a particular task at a time The demand for a cell phone is growing every day. Regardless of the risks, millions of people text while driving. The main premise of my argument is that no one for whatever reason should be texting while driving. Every source of information has to be cited according to the regulations of the chosen style. What exactly is distracted driving.

As of now, the ban on texting while driving only pertains to certain groups of drivers. Whether people believe one can safely text while driving, or just do not feel there is any danger in taking their eyes off the road does not matter The variables investigated are the use of cell phones while driving, whether speaking or texting, and the accidents and fatalities caused from the distraction.

Secondly, we will pick the best structure of the essay.

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Understandable topics will help you to support your thoughts. Sound like a professional. He takes his hands off the wheel to reply back and simultaneously collides with the semi-truck that merged onto the road while the driver was looking at the text message If someone is driving at 55 mph, this amounts to driving the length of a football pitch without looking at the roadway Gardner, In the case of texting while driving you can use the thoughts sounded by famous riders, engineers, automobile developers or road experts. Question : Which thesis sentence best addresses a counter-argument? You should be guided by the following rule when looking for the best possible, engaging essay: it must be eye-catching, contain some intrigue, or share the factual information, for example, statistics. Every time I order a paper, you manage to provide me with what I need and always on time. A long statement with several facts in it will definitely confuse the reader. With all the devices people have and interact with on a day to day basis, there seems to be a lack of knowledge on how dangerous these devices really are. You have to persuade the reader; being faced both ways will not do well for you in writing texting while driving persuasive essay. Texting while driving has made the roads unsafe for other drivers. Cell phone use in cars starts to become an issue when the number one driving distraction reported by teen and young adult drivers is texting and driving Texting is an easy and fast way to communicate and give information to other people.

Most people consider themselves to be great at multitasking; well, when it comes to texting and driving, no one can really predict what the outcome could be

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Texting While Driving: How to Write Persuasive Essay?