Survival percentage analysis of pistachio cultivars

Occurrence in higher plants.

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The feasibility of lowering grafting height must also be balanced with the need to minimize placement of the graft union in the area of the attachment of the shaker to the trunk and not so low that disking and other farm operations might bury the graft union.

Abstract Background Pistachio Pistacia vera L. In recent years, high-throughput RNA sequencing has emerged as an innovative and cost-effective tool for comprehensive transcriptome profiling in model and non-model plants [ 21 ].

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Conclusion This study, as the first report on the whole transcriptome survey of P. Besides, 13, transcripts as candidate stress-responsive genes were identified. The present study, as the first report on the transcriptome sequencing of P. From this analysis, the contrasting expression pattern of NCED3 and SOS1 genes were observed between salt-sensitive and salt-tolerant cultivars.

These rootstocks are chosen because of P. In addition to its significant economic, nutritional, and medicinal values, P. Currently, Iran, United States, Turkey, and Syria are the major pistachio producers in the world; among them Iran is ranked first with an average Interaction terms, selected as described previously, were also entered into the regression.

Both rootstock circumference and tree age were correlated with SRR.

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Trees are usually pruned to size to make the harvest easier. It has been very recently reported the genome survey of P.

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