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Most people know that Native Americas were slaughtered and exposed to deadly diseases by the Europeans. His hundreds of pencil images tell a sophisticated tale of migration.

the arrival shaun tan

Are these essay examples edited? The unreal blends consistently into the real. After he is processed, the immigrant is sent to a new place.

On their faces are looks of fear and trepidation, sometimes anger, sometimes defiance. Another shows a city where the streets are full of marching soldiers and they are welcomed with flowers. We begin to appreciate the optimistic features of belonging and the sense of self gained when this is possessed, as well as the segregation, uncertainty and insecurities we develop with its absence.

Charged with writing this essay I went back to the book.

There's a problem with this paper. Rushing out to the fields, the man, his daughter, and his wife are finally reunited after a long journey of new people, animals, food, and places. We feel we are being given a full picture of the circumstances of each of those whose stories are being revealed. The apparent reproduction of an old leather bound book is a structural feature of the text that is used to convey meaning to the envisioned audience through the intended familiarity it establishes. Because The Arrival is wordless some said how can a book with no words win a prestigious literary award? The book closes with the image of his daughter, sent out to purchase something, coming across a stranger, clearly a new arrival, seeking help. Two title pages. The images, whatever their size are all framed in white, again reminiscent of the black and white photograph.
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The arrival by Shaun Tan Essay Example