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In Rosemary's Baby, the setting and location are generally well lit, although there are exceptions during dramatic sequences.

With the exception of Hutch, every male character in Rosemary's Baby functions to reduce Rosemary's agency and ability to trust her own perceptions. A feathered creature of some kind scrapes its claws on her flesh and begins to rape her.

The characters are at the apartment building seeking to rent an apartment previously occupied by an elderly woman, Mrs. Richardson, James T.

rosemarys baby

Polanski specializes in obsessions and madness, particularly those supplied within a limited space. Gradually, Polanski constructs an uncertain and paranoid atmosphere, as seemingly inconsequential surfaces compile into an extended nightmare, allowing the unmanageable to become more credible than initially believed.

Naked figures emerge all around her. Roman by Polanski. Frankfurter, David. The autobiographical account of a young woman who recalls repressed memories from her childhood when she was victimized in Satanic ritual abuse chilled readers.

It tastes funny.

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Rosemary’s Baby: “It’s Alive”