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It helps students track school assignments, manage projects, save notes, organize tasks, and create complicated schedules.

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There are male and female voices, and the speaking rate can be adjusted to suit individual needs. It enables you to develop ideas and understand new concepts with idea webs, mind maps, and diagrams.

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What to do? Mindmeister is a great option for Android users. Having to simultaneously listen, process and write can easily overwhelm some students. It also has over 4 million topic dictionaries and built-in speech recognition in Google Chrome, and privacy-safe data collection. Noodle matches students to the right content, experts, and schools — for free. That focus is still clear when it comes to the practicalities of technology. This enables individuals with dyslexia to focus on the content instead of writing and spelling.

It also features a history tape, expression view, and much more! Speech to Text: Speech to text software takes the spoken word and translates it into text.

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It allows the user to train the software for improved voice recognition and functioning. On the other hand, metronomes make repeated sounds at adjustable intervals to create a pace and rhythm for learning.

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Lectures can be recorded and synced to your notes, so audio is attached to your typing or drawings for easy access to that moment in the lecture. Graphic organizers are just a tiny bit of this app's functionality. Kids access leveled text and read at their own pace. With a simple change in its options, users can move to a full user interface in Arabic. Comprehensive Technology Options: Comprehensive technologies offer multiple assistive technology tools in one. Graphic Organizers: A graphic organizer, also known as a concept map, story map, cognitive organizer, or concept diagram, is a tool that uses visual symbols and sequenced text boxes to express knowledge, concepts, thoughts, or ideas, and the relationships between them. Either way, building vocabulary alongside oral and written fluency has proven to be key to success. Those students who may be studying through the medium of English and have Arabic as their mother tongue. About Assistive Technology for Dyslexia Here is a comprehensive list of my favorite assistive technology devices and applications for individuals with dyslexia. Writing Assistance: There are a number of programs that can help students with dyslexia to master the overall structure of the writing process.

What can be done with the digital text depends on what software you use. The program tracks the amount of time spent on activities, sends detailed reports and data, and blocks distracting websites. Take those students that perhaps struggle with reading and writing, impressive features such as text to speech, prediction, dictionary and picture dictionary are all built with the student in mind to scaffold and support each step of their learning.

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About Assistive Technology for Dyslexia Here is a comprehensive list of my favorite assistive technology devices and applications for individuals with dyslexia.

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Assistive Technology for Dyslexia