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One of the biggest culture-centric websites around, Salon is bookmarked by many people looking for thought-provoking, important essays and personal experiences.

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Click To Tweet 2 Assume it will take more than one try Approaching any kind of publisher is a case of hoping for the best but being prepared for the worst. Salon Who are they? Open submissions still out there…somewhere. So, I asked myself what I really wanted to write. And your next…and, yes, probably the next. ListVerse Who are they? Ready to get started? As I mentioned above, far more publications are interested in three thousand word stories than in five thousand word stories, however the market also tends towards higher prize money or acclaim for longer stories hence needing to decide what you want. Tin House Who are they? Cracked Who are they? So do I. Rejection could be down to quality or suitability, but it could also be because someone rushed through your entry to get to lunch or your heroine shared her named with their ex-girlfriend. Write short.

They also accept novel excerpts but only those that can stand alone in the story. Try it for free! And how will it stand out you ask? Let your short story rest.

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College Humor Who are they? There are short story writers who blindly send their work to any competition or publication going, and editors know it.

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Each issue contains short fiction storieswords that each begin with the same pre-assigned first line. Is it the amazing plot?

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Reference my comment about the easy stuff in the prior bullet. Authors published here often wind up in Best American anthologies and as the recipients of Pushcart prizes. Where to Submit Poetry 1. A few submission tips. To form a believable character, you need to seriously wonder about people, and you need to care about them, and you need to take the time to fully bring your character to the page. Enough for a mortgage on a small house. Very well indeed. That stagnant swamp in which your novel goes to die. Sadly not. They also accept novel excerpts but only those that can stand alone in the story.

Format matters. Overworked assistants.

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Where to Submit Listicles Yes, but payment rates are unclear. A few submission tips. Swanson-Davies, Glimmer Train has published high-quality short stories for more than two decades. To make your story stand out, pretend you are telling it to a good friend, sharing your best advice and explaining how you felt during the experience, suggests Newmark. Huffington Post Who are they? Ones you can use for your next novel. We encourage you to join Medium today to have complete access to all of the great locked content on The Writing Cooperative and all the locked content published across Medium.

A hot mess I promptly banished to my desk drawer before indulging in copious amounts of alcohol and self-pity. Many publications are on the lookout for well-written short pieces, and knowing what they are specifically looking for can increase your chances of landing an assignment.

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Editors' tips for getting your short stories published