Nuclear pollution

The after effects of nuclear pollution are even more dangerous than you could even dream about.

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The concentrations in the Bohai Sea and Northern Yellow Sea and around the Shandong Peninsula remain at a level as that before the accident.

Power plants must ensure that the radioactive fuel and wastes are being transported and disposed of in safe containers which are long lasting and unbreakable.

Nuclear pollution

The spent reactor fuel is in a solid form, consisting of small fuel pellets in long metal tubes called rods. Google Scholar National Research Council Currently, much of the radioactive waste from nuclear power plants has been stored at the power plant. It is difficult to accurately quantify the number of deaths caused by the events at Chernobyl, as over time it becomes harder to determine whether a death has been caused by exposure to radiation. A particular observation is that there exists a local high Cs region exceeding 1. Google Scholar Rasmussen, N. Google Scholar Cochran, T. The radiation in the atmosphere will not dissipate quickly. Nuclear power plants may not emit carbon dioxide during operation, but high amounts of carbon dioxide are emitted in activities related to building and running the plants. The use of radioactivity to generate energy in nuclear power plants, for example, leads to the production of more radiation to the atmosphere considering the waste released from the various processes and combustion. The extent of damage or danger posed to the environment depends upon the radioactive material concentration, the energy emitted by the radiation, proximity of the radioactive materials to those exposes, and the radiation type. Soil infertility Exposure of radiation to the atmosphere means it is present even in soils. Radioactive wastes are actually recyclable to a good extent because usable fuel is still being created in the wasted material which can then be reprocessed.

When fallout settles over the sea, the ecosystem of the sea gets affected and again entering the food chain. Even other industries, not related to nuclear power production, can also contribute to it.

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Greenpeace an organisation dedicated to preserving the environment and saving the earth from pollution has brought attention to this activity and opposes it with fervour.

Usually, the pollution is most severe in winter; the maximal concentration along the East China coast reaches 1.

Effects of nuclear pollution on humans

Generally, it is high in the southeast of ECS and low in the northwest. The accident at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan is one of the worst nuclear disasters in history; the reactors were destroyed by a tsunami following a major earthquake. Ingestion of radioactive material can lead to cancer and genetic mutation in humans. Particle Sci. Nuclear reactors in the United States may have large concrete domes covering the reactor. Emission of radiations can also cause this kind of pollution. Banning of nuclear tests It has already been proven that nuclear power has a lot of latent power that is very destructive. Nuclear-fuel reprocessing plants in northern Europe are the biggest sources of man-made nuclear waste in the surroundingocean. In the Yellow Sea, the scenario looks much more complex. Spent reactor fuel storage and reactor decommissioning Spent reactor fuel assemblies are highly radioactive and, initially, must be stored in specially designed pools of water. The radioactivity of nuclear waste decreases over time through a process called radioactive decay. Radium and Uranium, for instance, are naturally occurring in the environment and are equally radioactive.

Oil Pollution in Water Oceans are polluted by oil on a daily basis from oil spills, routine shipping, run-offs and dumping. Since the substances are characterized by radiation — because there is a lot of instability of the particles present in the radioactive materials, it can seriously affect, alter and even destroy plant, animal, and human life.

effects of nuclear energy on human health and the environment
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What is Nuclear Energy Pollution , its causes , effects and prevention