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Her child lives only for five days. Obed Ramotswe: Father of Precious Ramotswe, and wise breeder of cattle. We meant ostrich. She sells some of the good herd of cattle to set up her office in Gaborone and buy a house there. Mma Silvia Potokwani, matron of the 'Orphan Farm', always ready to offer wisdom, bush tea and fruit cake to Mma Ramotswe. In The Double Comfort Safari Club , he has an accident in which he loses his foot, which causes Mma Makutsi to worry about their relationship. Mma Ramotswe is a Motswana woman who is the protagonist in the series and the main detective. Hopefully the San people won't be completely eclipsed by the Sun Casino people. As well as going on game drives you can get out on the water and explore the fringes of the delta, either by motor boat or in a traditional mokoro, a small wooden boat punted with a pole, gondola-style, through the shallow waters but without the singing - nothing should disturb the awesome tranquillity of this vast green wet wilderness. In The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon she is named as the owner of the dress shop Botswana Elegance, but again makes no direct appearance. The cases are set in the cities of Botswana, mainly on the edge of the Kalahari desert, rather than in the desert.

He has become more of a movement, a worldwide club for the dissemination of gentle wisdom and good cheer.

On one bus trip she meets a boy, a musician named Note Mokote. He is later cut from his apprenticeship and joins the No. Behind it is the austere- looking Dutch Reformed Church, where a young Precious Ramotswe stood on the steps on the arm of the dashing, but ultimately unreliable, Note Motoki, which was long before Mr JLB Matekoni appeared on the scene.

Mma Potokwani is effective in achieving her goals for the orphans and the orphan farm.

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She is the only child of Obed Ramotswe, a man who worked long years in the mines in South Africa, until one day he witnessed a crime, and knew he had to leave the mines.

The office is well-located. On evening game drives a waterhole close to the lodge practically guaranteed us a sighting of lions - a pride of eight adults stretched out in the setting sun. Mma Ramotswe is a fantastic protagonist, a woman who stands up for herself and loves Africa despite its problems.

The cases are set in the cities of Botswana, mainly on the edge of the Kalahari desert, rather than in the desert.

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I kept thinking "this'd make a great tv show! He tells his own story in the first novel, and is mentioned often by Mma Ramotswe throughout the series. Across the dusty square stands the kraal where cattle are penned and which is the burial place of two local Bakgatla chiefs. What is especially intriguing about this book, for me, is its seemingly chaotic structure. He mentions that McCall Smith's novels have brought attention to a successful African nation that is not otherwise well-known. She takes a job in the firm, and uncovers thievery by another employee, defrauding the company. According to the people I spoke to, it's a responsibility the author takes very seriously indeed. He finds this and the prior novels to be "witty, elegant, gentle, compassionate and exotic. But we should never look back at the past with rose tinted glasses. It's a private house, so there was no admittance, but as we stood outside on the quiet street corner peering through the gate it was easy to imagine Mma Ramotswe sitting on her veranda after a hard day's crime-solving waiting for Mr JLB Matekoni to call. And it all works, superbly so. However, whatever the case, I think that in the midst of the plot line and cinematography I got to wonder what we could learn about patriotism from the Botswana of the No. This led her to decide never to marry again after he left her. Carrying all his worldly possessions in the dried skin of an impala, and with Adrian translating his strange language of clicks, this elfin man, dressed in no more than a strip of animal hide, showed us a range of survival skills that made the SAS look like a troop of boy scouts on a Sunday outing.

Meanwhile, Botswana's bourgeoisie fed the slot machines with metronomic enthusiasm. The cousin taught her well, caring for her until a second man asked her to marry him, when Precious is about 10 years old. Then, she is asked to marry a second time, to a man successful in his own business running buses in Botswana.

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