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Writing and Addiction Misery is a book about addiction, in both a textual and metatextual sense.

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Plot[ edit ] Paul Sheldon, the author of the best-selling series of Victorian era romance novels featuring the character Misery Chastain, has finished the series' final installment, in which Misery is killed off out of Paul's boredom of her. Paul later finds a scrapbook of newspaper clippings about Annie's past.

Paul finishes the book and tells Annie.

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It could also be considered, per the subject of this discussion, a figurative statement about the nature of addiction: being addicted is torturous, but getting clean is harder, potentially even deadly.

She agrees to get him the paper but in a fury, she pounds his shattered left knee with her fist, causing Paul tremendous pain. Sure, this is a book about a man who suffered a terrible accident and then found himself brutalized at the hands of a psychopath so it makes perfect sense that Uncle Stevie would want us to ache along with Paul.

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She brings him his Novril capsules and forces him to wash them down with the water in the bucket she'd used to rinse the wall with. You gotta think that later on King worried that he had some version of Annie out there just waiting to chain him to typewriter to finish DT.

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She reveals that nobody knows where he is contradicting what she had earlier told him about the roads to town being impassable. Annie tells Paul he'll have to go back to the drawing board and do better. Paul grabs the base of a heavy statue and viciously bashes her in the face, finally killing her. As he struggles to reach his cruiser, Annie runs over his head with a riding lawnmower. While feeding him the discussion of the profanity angers her and she spills soup on his bed and, in an unexpected fury, throws the bowl at the wall where it shatters. One installment left Annie herself very upset because the story contained a small flaw: the car that the hero was trapped in exploded after falling from a cliff, before her hero could escape. The Gotta: A craving, a compulsion, an undeniable need for more. Signet MMP Edition, Paul holds out for several more hours but finally cracks, needing his medication to end his agony.
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MISERY by Stephen King