Melaka toy museum

After the exit there is a toy shop which parents on a budget will wish to avoid. There are a few plush toys for younger kids and some toys targeted at young girls but generally speaking the museum is likely to appeal more to boys and their dads. Among the most notable exhibits at Melaka Toy Museum are a life-sized Catwoman gracing the wall of the museum, and a full-sized Jar Jar Binks standing tall amidst the exhibits.

Ticket Price. To get there from Jalan Bukit Baru, search for St. There is another toy museum in Melaka, at Bukit Baru, which I must get around to visiting some time. Davidand the museum will be on your right. If you like action figurines of superheroes and anime characters this place will appeal to you.

Pokemon, Super Mario and Minions are among the more famous characters. Not very cheap if you buy a stand alone ticket for the Toy Museum only.

There is some interactivity where you can stand on particular spots to appear on a screen as if you were alongside cartoon or action characters. A full size Batmobile car model is displayed. Parking spaces are a little bit scarce, with street parking only available.

action figure melaka

It is better value to buy one of the combo tickets available, combining with entrance to The Shore 3D Interactive Park and the Sky Tower. The section also sells vinyl records for only RM15 a pop for the music lover in you.

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