Managementof perceived stressors among radtech interns

Repressors — these people deny the existence of stress and inherently avoid any possible relation to it.

Figure 1 Exemplary quotations for main category A : perceived stressors and provoking factors. Data saturation refers to the point where no new information is being provided to offer further insight into the data [ 16 ]. Krohne, further expounded on the Lazarus theory and stated that: a Coping actions are not classified according to their effects but on the characteristics of the coping process. This is not limited to short term danger but also for the future, where anticipated pain can be just as bad as actual pain. That may be because a more problem-based strategy can overcome an emotion-based strategy, thereby reducing the negative consequences of stress. Moreover, the exorbitant number of assigned routine activities were perceived to contravene the development of medical competencies as provided by the CanMEDS educational framework. Academic stress is the feeling of anxiety or apprehension over ones performance in the academic activities. After finishing the first interview, the investigator analysed the data, adjusted the semi-structured interview guide, and invited the next participant to enhance the information obtained from the subsequent interview. Stress is necessary and unavoidable conomitant of daily living is necessary because without some stress we would be listless and apathetic creatures, and unavoidable because it relates to any external event, be it pleasurable or anxiety producing.

Additionally, the establishment of further planned, physician-led, on-ward teaching elements, the assured participation in ward rounds, and increased supervision by senior physicians were seen as important suggestions for improvement. However, the study of Bruzon, et al.

stress and coping strategies among college students

Moreover, the researchers wish to pin-point specific challenges or factors that lead to negative experiences; specifically stress. More so, ineffective coping strategies can lead to mental and physical health deterioration Kharjana, J.

According to Schwarzer n.

Managementof perceived stressors among radtech interns

At the beginning it was exciting, but then the possibility of making mistakes in my practice was stressful. Data collection The interviewer was a medical intern experienced in qualitative research working under the supervision of a senior researcher.

Participants signed an informed consent form and were notified of their right to withdraw from the study at any time. Med Teach. Second, we coded the raw data line by line and grouped together similar codes to form a category. Psychological morbidity and job satisfaction amongst medical interns at a Nigerian teaching hospital. Results The study population was medical interns in a teaching hospital in northern Taiwan; 21 interns 12 males participated. Qualitative analysis Conducted interviews were voice recorded, transcribed verbatim, and analyzed following the principles of inductive content analysis. This information may be relevant to the present study of the researchers. I was afraid that I could not meet their expectations. Poorly managed stress experiences could lead to burnout in junior doctors and result in diminished patient care [ 13 ]. Repressors — these people deny the existence of stress and inherently avoid any possible relation to it. We assume that these two strategies may be used together and that the outcome depends on their respective proportions. During the internship year, medical students assume responsibility for primary care with inpatient services and are frequently on call for night duty [ 7 ].
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