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This is perhaps one of the most important reasons why the death penalty must be abolished, as it can lead to innocent people being put to their deaths. So the proper punishment that those individuals should receive is not what they have already given to others This is because the prisoners are going to receive food, as well as medical services while the criminal is in jail Derrida There was an overall sense of elation and all this was ironically done to affirm life Bruck, If the murderer is being punished for killing, how can killing that murderer — the same act that the murderer is being punished for — be considered moral and right?

Moreover, death sentences are final and irreversible and for these reasons, courts should rule in favor of life imprisonment.

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Conclusion In short, death penalty is barbaric from a moral, legal and ethical standpoint. In current times, fourteen out of fifty states no longer carry out the death penalty.

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