Kfc stratefy for developing

Technological: The Indian fast food Industry is warming up with a great deal of outside players entering the Indian business sector. They are, Build — In this strategy main objective is to increase the market share to become stronger in the market.

Kfc stratefy for developing

International journal of information, business and management, 6 2 Journal of Business Research, 65 11 Recently the company was ranked as a Britain top employer and as a pleasant place to work for individuals.

By capitalising opportunities with maximum allocation of available resources the organisations can reduce the threats that may encounter. If you need help with something similar, please submit your details here. Kotler, P. The objectives are essential in order to understand what to be achieved and how it can be achieved.

Local Food In an industry dominated by hamburgers, the fried chicken giant was lucky enough to be entering the Chinese market with a traditional staple as its landmark dish. In conclusion, the Boston group consultant matrix helped KFC to evaluate and position their products effectively to increase the sales revenue and profitability.

In lahore they targeted the most mobile culture first; students of lahore. Having introduced the above marketing strategies, the new marketing plan will be able to overcome the problem identified and also to achieve the defined objectives.

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For KFC this strategy does not suit as it has no growth or a strong position at present. The strategies were developed on the product portfolio, market growth strategy, on competitive analysis, target market and distributional channels.

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New Product Development at KFC