Kant vs singer

He begins his argument by stating what is obvious: suffering and death from famine is bad.

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The idea of a good will is supposed to be the idea of one who only makes decisions that she holds to be morally worthy, taking moral considerations to guide their behavior.

For example, if agent Y passes a toddler drowning in a large puddle, it would be a duty to help the toddler out of the puddle.


There are laws based on attitudes and morals towards animals and how they should be treated. In addition, the moral duties of those beings that are superior make them morally worth and less restricted by numerous outer factors.

In result, such idea sounds as logical, many humans would accept it. A utilitarian might object to the former but not the latter, which would leave room for humane factory farming.

kantian ethics

I have shown how Kant purports to derive actual obligations from the concept of obligation. Works Cited Kant, Immanuel.

As criticism and skepticism are the main generators for searches of truth, one should not pin faith on the ideas, which are not supported by any evidences. Kant believed that autonomy was extremely valuable, but in order to have it one must have free will, which requires having self-consciousness and the capacity to be guided by reason. Furthermore, one should not forget that the priority, according to various criteria, means responsibility. There are areas where O'Neill and Singer agree. Kant insists that human beings hold a unique value, which actually is an unconditional value of dignity predetermined by their possession of humanity. O'Neill elaborates by declaring that Kantian moral theory primarily says that we should do no injustice. I believe that our treatment of animals is owed directly, not indirectly in the form of building our humanity and highmindedness towards man. However, many additional facts are neglected.

Immanuel Kant and Peter Singer have attempted to find a more simple, rational, and supreme rule for what our duty is. Moreover, the interconnection of all kinds of beings is an important factor for discussing numerous philosophic issues. I see Kants view of imperative affecting his ideas of animals in a way that is useful but under thought and misunderstood, and conclude that there is a more effective moral philosophy to dealing with this problem that offers a more centered complete solution that is discussed above.

Generally, the rational thinking, self-consciousness and ability to feel and suffer can be regarded as the main characteristics of a high moral status of human and non-human beings.

We have only indirect duties to animals. He believes that no matter how close or how far someone is, if you know you can prevent bad without sacrifice, it is your moral obligation to do so. Kant then goes on to say that our ability and expression of these duties is our humanity, which is not concrete, and can be affected by our actions. A utilitarian might object to the former but not the latter, which would leave room for humane factory farming. In applying such rules, the holders of rights must recognize possible conflicts between what is in their own interest and what is just. If a being is not capable of suffering, or of experiencing enjoyment or happiness, there is nothing to be taken into account. This is why the limit of sentience using the term as a convenient, if not strictly accurate, shorthand for the capacity to suffer or experience enjoyment or happiness is the only defensible boundary of concern for the interests of others. One could make a situation of a drowning baby, in which there is many people are around. Singer thinks that most animal experimentation that harms its subjects should be eliminated on these grounds. We should be willing to shock the rat only in cases where we are willing to shock the infant. This allows us to make moral choices based on Kants understanding of duty to man. Although I agree with Kants position on treating animals well and with respect, I disagree on his reasons why. Twelve year olds have the capacity to vote.. Velleman, J. As an example, it would be fun to purchase a fifty dollar ticket to Sea World, but it would be better, or rather, more important to contribute it as a means by which to assist someone become minimally independent.

The contrast between these prevailing ideas is stark.

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