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It aims to earn consumer confidence by setting some standards. As well as conducting Risk Analysis from other countries in the Pacific and Australasian countries, which includes airlines and traveller statistics and performances.

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As per the given information about the seaside caravan parks, it has been found that park capacity has constant in to Under the average cost method it is assumed that the cost of inventory is based on the average cost of the goods available for sale during the period.

They are appropriate to use when past numerical data is available Levine, Krehbiel and Berenson, This approach can be used with any data where past data is available.

The average cost is computed by dividing the total cost of the goods available for sale by the total unit available for the sale. These types of needs are determined because according to the given information about the visitor in the different year, all categories visitors like a couple, individual,families has decreased in so in corporation should focus on all types of visitors requirement in the Seaside Park. As well as its scenic views and luckily 23 students have travelled internationally while 4 students said they never travelled at all. It has also been found from the information that booking of this park was in which has continuously increased year after year. If your dream is to get top grades, get a rewarding assignment service from us. It means the number of driver visitors is decreased by Obtaining primary data to identify over-performing or under-performing facilities In this research process, as a marketing manager, I prepare a survey format and questionnaire document through which I can identify the needs of the customer. Focus Groups young professionals who live to close location. Encourage transparency The company is clear and open about their policies to the customers. Interpretation of market trends and developments Market trends It is found out that customer these days are appreciate quality over quantity as number of customers is increasing; who prefer high quality ingredients in their dishes. How it affects their organisation- Forecasting affect the seaside caravan park activities and function because by this forecasting company takes future actions and decision. Show more Search All Training Providers Financial Assistance The federal, state and territory governments provide financial incentives and support for vocational education and training students to help them gain the skills required to secure and maintain rewarding and sustainable employment. Code of practice principles Consumer protection and empowerment: This is the very first main principle of the ADMA code of principle with regulatory provisions. Remedial actions:To eliminate the potential challenges and threats, following corrective actions can be suggested mentioned below: Seaside Caravan Park needs to maximize its capacity in the future so as to serve all the consumer demand appropriately because as per the analysis, in , demand will be whereas park is capable to accommodate only consumers.

Demographics will also be analysed by the market performance of the country in each category and its destination ports and statistics. Scope This report looks at the opinions of students attending MSIT Mt Gravatt, and investigations of countries in the Pacific and Australasian regions for strategies to conduct major airlines services.

It can also forecast that booking from families, Couple and individual may increase in if organisation increase more facilities in the seaside park.

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