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Intelligent flight modes Transition Body I. Plus many kids dont have schools within reasonable walking distance so instead they must have there parents take them or Central Idea: The three things I want to focus on is how to encourage exercise in our children for busy parents, healthier food choices, and kid and budget friendly healthy recipes or alternatives. Obesity can not only increase the risk of psychological problems in kids, such as eating disorders, depression, and anxiety problems. She also says that when she was younger schools "had recess twice a day and gym class twice a week like it or not" Obama According to the Mayo Clinic, obesity is most common in industrialized countries where more fast food and convenience food is consumed. Sub-point 2: Is a text message really important? Also you can develop high blood pressure if your diet is poor. Words: - Pages: 4 Outline Informative Speech Transition II. This condition, though, is not limited to American adults. What is an illegal drug. End on a positive note Now, hopefully, you better understand the dynamics of childhood obesity. Body: I. Flores, Alfredo.

Heaner, Martica. Your audience will - hopefully - leave your speech with the feeling that they have learned something.

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Physical risks include Type 2 Diabetes, a condition that deals with the way your body metabolizes sugar. Parents play a vital role in what and how much their kids eat.

Body: I. Retrieved 20 Feb. Fast foods are loaded with refined sugar, fat, and sodium. We can accomplish prevention by increasing the number of mothers who breastfeed their babies.

Intro: I have a lot of people asking me this question every time they finished asking me what nationality I am. Williams, Shawna. This may be because of the advances in technology such as video games and social media.

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I hope it inspires you to write the best speech presentation you possibly can! Children consume more calories than they expend- when this happens, weight gain occurs. Programs revolve around educating the general population about healthy nutrition and providing information about health problems caused due to childhood obesity. Because kids are forced to carry extra weight that their bone structures simply cannot handle, bowed legs and arthritis are increasingly present. I have been a pediatric nurse for almost 2 years now. They originated in Tibet where Shih Tzus and similar breeds Another important key to. And that, in turn, robs our country of so much of their promise. She shared her family rarely ate out and that they "never ate anything fancy, but the portion sizes were reasonable" Posted 7 July We can accomplish prevention by increasing the number of mothers who breastfeed their babies.

Second, I discussed the factors that cause the obesity in childhood. There are both physical and emotional risks of childhood obesity.

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