How to write a press release email subject

Instead, focus on the most grabbing aspect of the story and build your subject line around that.

press release format

Quintin L. The truth is, a press release is only as good as your pitch. While not writing, Claire can be found practising calligraphy, exploring the third coast, and planning her next trip.

I have no hesitation in recommending ereleases to everyone that needs press release services. That said, too small of a list and your chance of securing any coverage decreases. It's the perfect hybrid of both worlds. Most email marketing experts and brands recommend keeping subject lines to 50 characters or less around words.

As such, I have no interest in writing about the subject. Instant help from the chat agent when I was unsure of a step in the filing process. Cannot thank you enough. Kayla E 19 Mar Always the best!

How to write an email introducing a press release example

Finally, be sure to include relevant contact information. Now that's going above and beyond! Your pitch should be informative but concise. Before the webinar, each panelist was asked to think of three things public relations professionals should know before pitching to journalists. Elias J Perfect. I get it that gmail is a great email service but they offer Google Apps that you can use under your own domain. If you're like me when I have on my public relations hat, you are invested in your clients' businesses, and you do believe there is a story worthy of being told with each press release that leaves your office. Careful what you forward: I was shocked to see a number of PR people had forwarded me political and religious material.

That means addressing them by name. You only have one chance to make a first impression.

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How to hook a journalist on your press release from your email subject line