How to write a book cover blurb

Consciously or not, readers check out the synopsis to see whether they want to spend time with your main characters.

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He is alienated and in love—and at the center of a narrowing, ever more dangerous circle. And if they buy it, they will be happy and content. It needs to be astounding. Nail that first line or two Oh boy. Many authors write the book blurb as an afterthought. Make use of services like Manybooks that allow you to test two different descriptions for your book to see which one gets the most downloads. Then, on a whim, she changed the blurb on her Amazon page and saw her daily sales jump to overnight. Write your blurb first. Surely this is a place where the methods of ethos and logos, win over pathos. Keep it short words is a good ceiling for a back book blurb. Introduce your main characters: For your readers to care, they need to be intrigued not only by the story, but also by the characters. Here are some tips on what you can do to boost a book's sales with its blurb: Look at samples - Go to Amazon and click on the bestsellers in your genre. Adhere to the adage, keep it short and sweet — and more importantly to the point. But he never expected to wake up in an unfamiliar hotel room beside a murder victim. He lives with the miserable Dursleys and their abominable son, Dudley.

The blurb that appears on the back cover of your book, and on your Amazon page, will either: Work by convincing readers to take a chance on it, or Fail to engage your target readers. But focus sharply on the conflict itself.

Without further ado, here's how to write a blurb in 4 steps.

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The Da Vinci Code heralds the arrival of a new breed of lightning-paced, intelligent thriller…surprising at every twist, absorbing at every turn, and in the end, utterly unpredictable…right up to its astonishing conclusion. In the previous section, we looked at how to make your blurb attractive to browsers in bookstores.

The very first thing they read on the back cover must capture them. Your book is unique, and the blurb needs to reflect that. Write in the third person.

Serena is a world-famous model who has only ever wanted to be normal, even though her mother has always pushed her to become a superstar. Not unlike the life she recently lost.

how to write a book cover blurb
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How to Write a Book Cover Blurb