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Claudius does not think that Hamlet is crazy, he thinks there is something inside of Hamlet that is bothering him.

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Ophelia begins to willingly take heed of her family's advice as the prince finds himself removed from a lucid pattern of thought The idea that Hamlet is mad centers around the fact that he talks to the ghost of his dead father.

According to Carney Landis and James D. He could kill someone that he doesn't care for too much. Life can change in fraction of seconds.

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Throughout the play Hamlet finds out a numerous amount of unsettling news that pushes him towards rash decisions. A series of lies and manipulation have unravelled before my very eyes, ending in blood shed. It becomes the real world. In contrast to popular ideas, on many instances throughout this play it appears that insanity is the more preferred trait in characters Hamlet is one of Shakespeare 's most pessimistic plays, and as such it delivers the message that in a fallen world, reality often fails to match the ideal. These are often revealed through the madness of the characters and the theme of madness throughout the play. The suicidal comes into play towards the beginning of the story during act Throughout the play of Hamlet, one of Shakespeare's most famous tragedy's the main character, Hamlet is faced with the responsibility of getting vengeance for his father's murder. Many have tried to determine sanity by proving him insane. Hamlet makes several comments that appear random and to have no meaning, but in all actually, they make perfect sense. However, through his inner thoughts and the apparent reasons for his actions, it is clear that he is not. Was Hamlet really suffering from madness, as many of his friends and family thought? Hamlet was not totally insane.

However, his mind is not able to justify murder for any reason; therefore, he truly goes insane before he is able to fulfill his scheme. He tells Laertes that he killed Polonius in a fit of madness Wells.

Hamlet is important to this play because not only is he the main character but he is also the most aware person in the play.

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