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You can go beyond making a basic comparison by trying to understand the roots of the similarities you identify, as well as their significance. Make sure you assert your position with these types of questions.

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How did they differ in their approach and what are the factors that account for these alternative approaches? We face glowing white headlights of cars following us, our sneakers pressed against the back hatch door.

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According to field guides the only sounds they make are grunts and hisses, though the Hawk Conservancy in the United Kingdom reports that adults may utter a croaking coo and that young black vultures, when annoyed, emit a kind of immature snarl. The aim is not simply to regurgitate the works of other scholars, but rather to critically analyse these works.

Each cell measured about ten feet by ten and was quite bare within except for a plank bed and a pot of drinking water.

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It's even more important that you support your arguments with valid evidence in order to establish a strong case. Remember to present your answer in a systematic and coherent way. Here, a critical approach becomes crucial. The distinction is, as always, moral. Then you must state your position basing your arguments on the evidence that informed you in arriving at your position. Define Here, you must outline the precise meaning of the subject of the question. A sickly light, like yellow tinfoil, was slanting over the high walls into the jail yard. Use the following tips: Go through your first draft and circle the first word in every sentence. This is our joy--his and mine--to sit turned away from our moms and dads in this place that feels like a secret, as though they are not even in the car with us. You should also try to provide some context on why the issues and facts that you have closely examined are important. What evidence are you using to support your assessment?

However, when assessing a particular argument or topic, it is important that your thoughts on its significance are made clear. Also try to justify your position in order to present a convincing argument to the reader.

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