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The same goes for other spheres or activity. Everything is up to you! We get the freedom.

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Although this is a reality, we must prevent, change our mindset, and we must be aware that we are a student. The evolution of the responsibility When children are little, they do not have a lot of responsibilitybut when they grow up, they understand, that a lot of things in their life depend on their actions and they are responsible for the consequences.

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Until there comes a time that we all have responsibilities that we must own up to. Social responsibility is important and plays a great role in every sphere of our life. Show by your example how much you value these traits. The parent or parents will get the food, supplies, and Related Documents Finding Out Why Parents Should Teach Their Children About Puberty And Sex In my research about finding out why parents should teach their children about puberty and sex; I 've came to a realization that it is more important for a child 's parent to speak to them about this big change, because they would rather hear it from them instead of someone else that they do not know, or someone that is just going to tell them tales about what 's going on with their body. Women spent most of their days in the courtyard of the house. Can other people say, that you are the reliable person, that can take the responsibility of the actions? They would sit in the shade because a pale complexion was ideal for female beauty.

So each of us more or less understands what responsibility is, what we need it for, and why it is very important. You should analyze all your words and actions and it will help you become more responsible. Now we can say that social responsibility is one of the components of citizenship, of relations between man and man in society.

The goals of this type of parents is to teach their kids the basic responsibilities. In: Popular topics From the childhood, the parents learn their children to be responsible for their actions.

Until there comes a time that we all have responsibilities that we must own up to.

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Responsibility Essay: How To Become The Responsible Person