Eating sugar essay

Our bodies naturally make this in balanced amounts. The students who consumed the sugar really declined in their performance and made almost twice the amount of errors than before they consumed the sugar Calvo, 2.

Here is the simplest definition I can give you: Sugar is a drug that has no nutritional value and is an addictive chemical. Soda consumption has been hypothesized as one of the leading factors of obesity in the United States Fletcher Discuss both views Essay topics: Eating too much sugar is harmful for health.

why is sugar bad for you

For example, they can use sugar-free products instead of real sugar. I know I can safely consume these as part of my diet, enjoy the delicious sweet taste and health benefits of them.

Why is refined sugar bad

However, the huge problem with this, is that over time the body cuts back serotonin production, which results in slight to serious depression. The effects of sugar and the immune system appear to have been first studied by Dr. Sugar is present in almost all foods and drinks we consume. There is also the effect of the negative multiplier. Much of our unbalanced diet is due to muddled facts and misinformation surrounding sugar and general health. Can sweet be so sour? Many parents would be very shocked if they knew that the sweet rewards they give to their children for being so studious and well behaved could actually reverse their exelent performance. Although grandma's double chocolate chip cookies arouse a sense of warmth and nostalgia, the excessive consumption of such treats has led to an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and possibly other ailments such as hypertension and some cancers, in America. Whenever there is an excess in energy, whether from sugar calories, or protein calories or fat calories, they all get converted to and stored in fat cells. Americans are always trying to overcome and rebel against boundaries and limitations. Sugar affects every single system in your body, and none in a positive way.

The hyperglycemia is associated with long term damage, dysfunction and failure of various organs especially the eyes, kidneys, nerves, heart and blood vessels. Although aspartame was created as a healthier alternative to reduce sugar intake, activists debate links between aspartame and a multitude of ailments ranging from weight gain to cancer.

Therefore, consumption will automatically go down.

Effects of sugar on childrens health

For instance, if someone has a family history of diabetes then he should take precautions and consume less sugar than the others because he is more likely to develop diabetes. Most people would not think that their sugary foods could cause people to be unsociable, but in an experiment at a Virginia penal institution, conducted by Dr. For most of us, there is a huge discrepancy between how much fuel is needed and how much we provide. Sugar is sweet and addictive, and yet all we want to do is eat it all up, right? Remember, this does not mean things like fruits and dates, or even some raw honey. While glucose is metabolized throughout the body, fructose is metabolized primarily in the liver. We take medicine with a spoonful of sugar and cure heartache with a tub of ice cream. Each gram provides important fuel which must be replenished every day. The students who consumed the sugar really declined in their performance and made almost twice the amount of errors than before they consumed the sugar Calvo, 2. Please enter the email address for your Disqus account to join the comments Email.
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Teen Essay: Salt, sugar, fat and the wrath of food addiction