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You'll want to edit and re-read your essay, checking to make sure it sounds exactly the way you want it to.

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In this way we can see that the basic introduction does not need to be much more than three or four sentences in length. Learning a new language is certainly an ambitious challenging task. Planning Pays Off A lot goes into writing a successful essay. Should it be a general overview of the subject or a specific analysis? Read regularly People often say that we learn to write best by reading. To create a diagram, write your topic in the middle of your page. What are the main ideas? Develop your topic 1.

Are the apostrophes in the right places? As the final paragraph is represents your last chance to make your case and, as such, should follow an extremely rigid format.

It is a creative process so it should not be confined within boundaries. Learning the.

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For example, you could start a blog, create fun poems or text a friend. Read each text several times to make sure you understand how to use new words and expressions in the text. You can rewrite these to make them easier to understand. The lesson includes sample paragraphs to study and model. You'll want to edit and re-read your essay, checking to make sure it sounds exactly the way you want it to. A descriptive essay when done well will make the reader feel the emotions the writer was feeling at the moment. Education Is homework good or bad for student achievement? Tip: When you learn a new word, try learn all the forms of that word and the prepositions that are usually used with it. Set these aside. As you move through the essay, transition words will be paramount. Is your essay to inform or persuade? Transitional phrases are useful for showing the reader where one section ends and another begins. Finally, designing the last sentence in this way has the added benefit of seamlessly moving the reader to the first paragraph of the body of the paper. A one sentence body paragraph that simply cites the example of "George Washington" or "LeBron James" is not enough, however. Each body paragraph will have the same basic structure.

However, this opportunity also gives you the advantage to choose a subject that is interesting or relevant to you. Should schools move to having online classes in high school?

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Here are some things to remember: Revise for clarity, consistency, and structure.

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How to Write an Essay