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Please make sure to sign up in advance for the workshop and arrive early, as space is limited. You will also need: Access to Microsoft Word Knowledge of how to save your documents as. Understanding more about how this particular online course is designed and of its requirements will help you get off to a strong start.

Provide a concise definition of what critical thinking is 2. Monash Association of Debaters. Ability to overcome a simplistic mode of stimulus: response and mediate and reflect on a problem or proposition before responding. Explain and employ a central principle of CT, the principle of charity 4. Your grade will be based on a significant improvement in your writing. During the class you will have 20 minutes to go through each other's draft and 20 minutes to provide written feedback on each other's work. Demonstrate familiarity with the notions of cognitive bias, worldviews, beliefs, and par- adigms 5. Ability to adapt to new situations and information and to create new patterns to fit a specific problem or situation. All requests are confidential.

Learning Objectives By the end of the class students will be able to: 1. If you submit an essay that is words or more short of the assignment requirements, your essay grade will be penalized and you will not be allowed to submit a revision.

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To demonstrate ability to express their thinking clearly by summarising an argument in outline form. Simply forgetting to cite a source still counts as plagiarism.

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Critical Thinking: a Student's Intro- duction. Save the document with the "Save" button in the upper right. Similarly, if there is something you want to learn more about you are strongly encour- aged to explore the topic.

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Critically read and evaluate culturally diverse literary and prose texts which address critical positions and problems. If you are expecting a phone call that cannot be ignored until after class, you must inform me prior to the start of class, and you must have my permission to answer it.

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Defining Critical Thinking Courses