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Lemer remind us that if research is neglected on the science and technology of the construction of buildings and other facilities, then while we are reducing our chances of competing with other industries in terms of new ideas and inventions, we are equally limiting our abilities to use those new developed ideas and inventions.

Socio-Cultural: Changing customer demographics, societal expectations, diversity requirements or similar factors justify the need for the project.

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The rapid growth of the construction industry in Cameroon and Africa and its rising number of sophisticated and complex construction projects needs competent management and research. Construction Management and Economics, 6 2 Some philanthropic organisations and individual philanthropists are helping Cameroon and other Africa countries to attain such goals.

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They are often based on web technologies and can therefore benefit from progresses made for the semantic web to improve the web exploitability through semantic annota- tions of its resources.

One may argue that research and development in such industries needs to be on the rise because they need to keep up with the fast pace of technological advancement in those industries due to the short life cycle of their products so they can keep up with market competition.

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Hampson, K and Brandon, P Knoepfel, H. At the termina- logy level, different types of queries can be used to: ver- ify the consistency of a concept, to check subsumption relations. In the morpho-syntactic analysis, we retrieve all neces- sary knowledge characterizing the context. In a rule if the pattern is satisfied, then an action may be triggered. Who Uses a Project Rationale? It is therefore of the interest of these nations that research is undertaken on how their construction industries and firms can participate in attending such vision. The design actor is generally inspired from passed experiments to realize these tasks. It also includes the morphology of the entitie s punctuation, nu mbers, etc. Project management and procurement is one of the distinct areas that require the project manager attention and knowledge. The construction type referred to in this paper deals with all types of projects in the building and civil engineering industries or the public sector as generally called in some countries. A well-written design rationale can be invaluable in explaining how your design solution satisfies the brief. The presentation is formalized as UML class diagram. Ofori noted that his observation is not new as research on construction in developing countries Cameroon and Africa inclusive is at the crossroads.

In response to industry and academia demands and in its mission to contribute to the creation of a modern, progressive, and responsible construction industry; able to meet the economic, environmental and social challenges faced in the 21st century, the Chattered Institute of building, Bale gives a definition of construction management that goes beyond a description and provides an agenda for improvement.

What is Procurement? Figure 6.

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These challenges are setting new targets and creating new scope for designers, engineers, manufacturers, contractors, technologist, and researchers Fairclough, As asserted by Ofori , delineation is the main problem in getting a clear definition of the industry, as the different definitions by different authors portray the industry as a series of related but discrete activities since different participants are involve in the construction process. In the case study company intranets became the base of corporate memories. We use EMK elements textual descriptions because they sum- marize the important pieces of knowledge and they are easy to perform UML diagrams from them. For example, one project rationale could be to determine which international market offers the best growth opportunity over the medium- to long-term. Socio-Cultural: Changing customer demographics, societal expectations, diversity requirements or similar factors justify the need for the project. Paradigmatic rela- tions do not appear as direct syntactic relations, such as the synonymy and the heteronomy. Kulatunga et al sees research and development as a key factor which can help not only in the development of effective and efficient construction process, new materials, advance technologies but also help in developing new procurement routes and new managerial structures. The construction details found particularly in the auditorium area make the building like no other educational facility. According to Kulatunga et al , the invention of new ways to deliver construction projects in an environmental, economic and socially acceptable manner will not only help us face the challenges in the industry but will also help raise the profile of the industry. The rationale is a statement of facts explaining the reason behind the project. The 6th ECTP conference focuses on this subject so that progress with the built environment can be made over the next 25 years". Legal: The project is necessary to keep up to date with the law or meet obligations under health laws, equal opportunity laws and so on. Many large construction companies today prefer people who combine industry work experience with a higher degree in Construction Management to handle a management position US Department of Labor,
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