Compromises that lead to the constitution

Virginia and New Jersey delegates hatched out opposing plans that threatened to sink the Constitutional Convention. Eldridge Gerry agreed and moved for a committee to prepare a bill of rights.

constitutional convention debates

Sources and Further Reading Craig, Simpson. In addition, states maintained their own Revolutionary War debt, which some states thought was unfair. This is because equal-state representation in the Senate is specifically protected in the Constitution.

And the Congress had no power to regulate trade or to levy and collect taxes. Small states demanded a Congress where each state had equal representation. The Connecticut Compromise One of the most significant differences between the various states dealt with the apportionment of representation in the national Congress.

The U. The structure of the Senate and the corresponding representation in the electoral college, he says, ensures that the interests of rural and small-town America are preserved.

The Great Compromise, also called the Connecticut Compromise, combined both plans. Others thought it was simply impractical in a country with many rural communities spread out over a huge area.

Representation in the lower house would be chosen by the people.

Ratification of the us constitution

They established a very weak central government that had no ability to levy taxes or regulate trade. Mason seconded his motion, but it was defeated, by a vote of 10 to 0. For the South, whose economy relied on slave labor for agricultural production, this was an unacceptable proposition. One of the major compromises in the Constitutional Convention was between the small states and big states. And soon after the first Congress convened in, it responded to the request of the seven states and approved 10 constitutional amendments drafted by James Madison that became the Bill of Rights. When changes were being discussed for how states should be represented during the creation of a new Constitution, two plans were pushed forward. Imagine that your group is a commission asked to make recommendations on the Senate. Rakove, Jack N.
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5 Key Compromises of the Constitutional Convention