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More disastrous than the actual outcome might have been heavier losses plus the pack train having been captured. Having set the scene Mike then asked the meeting to consider on a scale of A — F how good the actual outcome of the day had been for both sides compared with realistic alternatives given the situation that pertained at the beginning of 25th June The venue proved a great success as it had substantial parking, a very large meeting room with its own bar, provided Wi-Fi facilities and served good portions of food for lunch.

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The documentary was interesting and thought provoking as it sought to follow the progress of the battle by tracking the locations of shell cases and bullets fired by specific weapons as well as identifying areas where combat might have taken place through the presence of human and other remains.

However, one consideration was what might they have actually seen and what conclusions would they have drawn from it. It is also known for its specific role in managing the affairs between organizations being promoted and the general public.

Derek Batten, who had participated in the actual research, noted that the documentary must have involved a degree of reconstruction as he did not recollect it being filmed at the time. Mackenzie as Indian fighters.

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