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They want the natives to assimilate and believe that this strategy will improve the nation Dee Brown uses various primary sources to illustrate how the white settlers placed stereotypes on the natives in bid to break down their culture and traditions.

The Indians then began to Ghost Dance a form of religion it is said that if the Indians were to do this trance like dance the country would be cleansed of white intruders I believe one of the greatest shortcomings is the language the author has used in some parts of the book.

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After the Civil War tension began to escalate and ended on December 29, There are many definitions of what this word means on the internet and many definitions given by professionals.

These arteries supply your heart muscle with oxygen-rich blood. After the introduction, in which Brown explains that massacres and genocide have deep roots in the history of the American continent, even before the Wild West period, we reach the topic itself.

Betrayal by the local government is also experienced when it promises to purchase transportation rights to Powder River country.

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The WWP helps out veterans and their care takers with financial and unemployment needs

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