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Dracula explains to Johnny that he was wrong to get in the way of him, and Mavis and that if she should be with anybody he is thankful that it is him. Dracula disguises himself as a human nurse after being not allowed in the delivery room to watch Mavis give birth to his grandson because the doctor told Dracula only the father is allowed in the delivery room.

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After Mavis confirms that she is ok Dracula quickly takes Johnny away before she can discover that Johnny is a human. They all get out of the hearse and notice Johnny dropped a piece of clothing. He asks her if she's okay and she says yes and that it is harder for her to catch her breath because she's pregnant. Shortly after Mavis was born however, a group of angry humans stormed Dracula's home, intending to kill him and his family for being vampires. As he is walking Dracula notices some odd shape moving through the revolving door at the front. Dracula finds Quasimodo in the kitchen trying to cook Johnny. Dracula now annoyed tells Dennis to mimic what Frank did an scare the next group of joggers. Mavis insists that it's possible that the baby will be human but Dracula is confident that with thousands of years of Dracula genes that a human baby is not possible.

Dracula goes to greet Mavis in her room where he tells her that she can leave the hotel, and visit some humans. He finally finds her on the hotel roof crying. Dracula tries to drive through town to the airport, but the path is blocked by humans.

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Esmeralda enters the room too, and tears off Johnny's disguise. His over-controlling personality makes him an ideal hotel manager.

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The werewolf kids all rush to their father, but fail to listen to him. Sometime during the late 19th century, Dracula began to run into the famous monster hunting Van Helsing family and managed to defeat all family members, including Abraham Van Helsing.

The appearance of a new character so late only hurts the film, even if Vlad still plays into the themes of tolerance and racism species-ism?

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