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Similarly, one of the viewers leaves the comfort of his couch and travels abroad; he is also perplexed when he notes discrepancies in CNN's reporting of foreign events.

The cave symbolizes the people who think that knowledge come from what they see and hear in the world. In his Allegory of the Cave, he proved that he was a revolutionary thinker.

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Who are the puppeteers? Knowledge is required under compulsion has not hold on the mind.

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None of this can be seen by the prisoners. Over the past decade, several movies have mimicked the fantasy, the most profitable being the Matrix Trilogy. The truth is the reality of life. Plato concludes that the prisoners, if they were able, would therefore reach out and kill anyone who attempted to drag them out of the cave a. This thorough analogy covers many of the images Plato uses as tools throughout The Republic to show why the four virtues, also known as forms, are what create good. He sees it as what happens when someone is educated to the level of philosopher. The intentions of Plato in sharing this story seem to be fairly simple. Plato talks about being free, everyday life, knowledge, and essentially what he wrote to be true. We spend most of lives trying to defend our rights and keep ourselves liberated. What does the sun represent?

Each prisoner is chained so their legs and necks are immobile. Essay Topic: Allegory Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Organizations are known for fostering a culture of group thinking.

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In the next stage, one of the prisoners breaks his chains and is able to turn around. Plato claimed that knowledge gained through the senses is no more than opinion and in order to have real knowledge, we must gain it through philosophical reasoning.

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Essay on Applying Socrates´ The Allegory of the Cave" to Life