An overview of the economic crisis by looking backwards made by edward bellamy

As with More's Utopiaeven the family is merely a temporary liaison between individual and state. To some critics, the result is a system in which human beings act as machines.

Bellamy based his good society on a system of cooperative equality. The question, however, remains about the role of ethics and humanism within the mechanical government. What made people no longer care about money, wealth, and property?

All books and newspapers are published by the government.

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What about the problem of incentives and motivation in a socialist economy? This Great Trust is more than a government.

Why did edward bellamy wrote looking backward

Each credit card includes an amount sufficient to live comfortably in society. However, the vote has been replaced by a much more enticing reward: the assurance that government is run by experts. To save ourselves useless burdens, we have as little gear about us at home as is consistent with comfort, but the social side of our life is ornate and luxurious beyond anything the world ever knew before. However, as we will explore later in the semester, most idealized forms of public life hide a machine under their well-tended gardens. Without market-based prices, decision-making by central planners would be irrational and arbitrary. Each citizen is provided with an annual allotment of goods and services. Housework is mechanical and washing is done in public laundries. Unlike John Winthrop's Puritan Boston that tried to reconcile God's will with human ambition, Looking Backward places the fate of humanity in its own hands. He rejected the notion that social inequity is innate to the human condition. Yet, upon realizing this worker's paradise, what change may follow? Bellamy's Parable of the Coach illustrates most powerfully the sense that humanity, driven by hunger, forces brothers and sisters to claw against one another in a vein attempt to gain a seat atop a social transport careening toward disaster. Looking Backward is too Static The underlying paradox of Bellamy's novel is his desire to envision perpetual improvement within a stable society.

Everyone gets the same compensation because everyone tries their hardest at their respective jobs.

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Taking a Look at Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward