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Once again, plants are gracefully moving through a flowing stream of water. The other possibility is to stay, even for an imaginary possibility of contact with the ocean, which his race is desperately trying to attain.

Physical pain is meaningless to her, as we see when she attempts to rip through a steel bulkhead door because she does not know how to open it. Berton disconnects the call, and during his long car ride through a futuristic city, he seems mesmerized and visibly haunted by memories.

He glimpses other Guests. Cameron was thrilled with what he heard and development began on the project. He has a conversation with his young mother in her home, as if he has just returned to Earth.

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He assures Chris he has not gone mad; as for the research, he agrees with Sartorius that they can only break this deadlock and communicate with the planet by bombarding its oceans with high-powered X-rays, before it draws Chris in too. Maybe we don't need to know what it is, or why.

He shows Chris out, urging him to pick a room and come back tomorrow; he also warns him not to lose his head if he sees other people on board, but refuses to elaborate.

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To some extent her being is limited by how much Kelvin knows about her, since Solaris cannot know more than Kelvin does; this theme is made clearer in Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney 's remake of the film.

A producer with the scissors of a Harvey Weinstein could have deleted hours from his oeuvre, sometimes no doubt for the better. In the original English film screenplay, Chris and Rheya have the following conversation regarding God.

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Solaris ( film)