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However, couples who have similar spending habits are likely to be happier. It's the most primal way of expressing care. There are all different kinds of hugs, from the hug you give to comfort a child to the full-body hug you might give your partner. For instance, people who grew up in a family of huggers are more likely to do the same throughout life, according to a study. These effects seemed to last into the next day. The study found that using text messages to work out differences and make decisions can bring down the quality of a relationship. For example, those with healthier relationships may simply hug more anyway, or it could be something to do with various personality types dealing with conflict in different ways. The two participants slap each other on the back while embracing. The researchers are planning future hug studies to see if who the hugger is can affect how much the hug helps. Small acts of kindness on a regular basis go a long way to building faith and trust in fragile relationships. Hugging it out after an argument with your partner or child really does make you feel better, a new study has revealed. Sometimes, prying can make someone feel worse, while a hug doesn't warrant an explanation.

And when that rush is shared, there is bonding and good feelings of love and happiness. This type of hug is usually reserved for people who are in a romantic relationship. A study carried out by Georgia-based Emory University found that the longer couples date before marriage, the greater their odds of staying together.

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But for those who do love a cuddle, there seem to be a lot of benefits. That touch causes the release of waves of dopamine and oxytocin. Take the step only if you think you can devote time to their upbringing and share the responsibilities with your partner. This type of hug lasts about one second — anything longer tends to make the participants feel uncomfortable.

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Debt stress is defintely not the best way to begin married life.

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Hugs Really Do Help After An Argument, Science Says So