A review of the story hills like white elephants

A review of the story hills like white elephants

Jig and the man are unable to openly discuss major issues in their relationship. The Spanish bartender brings two more beers and tells them that the train is coming in five minutes. Analysis[ edit ] There is little context or background information about the characters. There are also several indications that this isn't the first time the characters have discussed the issue, such as when the woman cuts the man off and completes his sentence in the following exchange: "'I don't want you to do anything that you don't want to -- '" "'Nor that isn't good for me,' she said. Also, he tries to comfort her by insisting that he loves her and that everything will be fine. But the American asked Jig if she wanted another drink. He presents the abortion as a simple and reasonable solution to their predicament. New York : W. Jig does not want to continue speaking about abortion, and yet every time she mentions this, the man brings the topic up again. It was the first of four marriages he later encounters. Not an ounce of purple prose or overwroughtness in this one.

The white elephant was considered sacred, so on the surface, this gift was an honor. This reading has met with scoffing: Some starry-eyed readers believe Jig will leave him and live, with a child of course, happily ever after. First published inthe story exemplifies Hemingway's Iceberg Theory of writing and is widely anthologized today.

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The readers are left in suspense as to whether or not Jig went ahead with the operation. Daniel Avitzour. Jig and the man are unable to openly discuss major issues in their relationship. That is why she is hesitant to go ahead with the operation.

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People sometimes gather around him and actually listen to him, well read him in any case. The story also made me wonder about what Hemingway wanted the reader to gain after reading the story. However, their marriage lasted only five years. The origin of the phrase is commonly traced to a practice in Siam now Thailand in which a king would bestow the gift of a white elephant on a member of his court who displeased him. Firstly, does the girl plan birth or abortion? Don't have an account? The book sold about , copies in five months. Hemingway deploys various aspects of narrative tone in the story such as unintrusiveness, objectivity, and proximity. The pair indirectly discuss an "operation" that the man wants the girl to have, which is implied to be an abortion. There are good arguments against the old reading as well, however. The girl then walks over to the end of the station, looks at the scenery, and wonders aloud whether they really could be happy if she has the operation.

Here, he refrains from bias, prejudice, and criticism of his characters. Frederick Busch asserts that the woman "'buries her way of seeing as she will bury her child.

I assume the American was Hemingway himself. I was having a fine time.

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Hills Like White Elephants