A literary analysis of the hard times in the literature by charles dickens

If a child is asked how they might go about doing so they might respond with an answer that involves a superhero or princess who helps people for the greater good. The company of Nature gives joy to the human heart and exercises a healing effect, which industrialization destroyed in Victorian age.

The characters of Louisa, Gradgrind and Stephen Blackpool will be focussed on while particular attention will also be given to the rebellion against the utilitarian upbringing of a strict father, the blind preaching of fact, and the sad fate of a hard-working man struggling with a heavy drinking wife along with other tribulations of life.

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These descriptions are extremely powerful. Their imagination was dulled down, and they became like the machines of the mill factories. New York: Oxford University Press, To protect the anonymity of contributors, we've removed their names and personal information from the essays.

A literary analysis of the hard times in the literature by charles dickens

The whole drive of our civilization has been based on the assumption that civilization itself is an lternative to nature and superior to it, that mind and technology offer us an alternative method of shaping the world, as though humanity were autonomous.

There must be a balance between them. Colonialism has been a significant factor in the devastation of environment worldwide.

Ecocriticism is not only the application of ecology and ecological principles but also the study of literature and theoretical approach to the interrelations of nature, culture and sometimes even supernatural elements in nature.

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Dickens Hard Times Essay